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Countries With Hot Humid Climates Are in Great Risk For Takata Airbag Malfunctions

Some countries in South East Asia and the Pacific know only two seasons, rainy and dry and the climate has two temperatures hot and hotter, perfect conditions to trigger the malfunctioning Takata airbag

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - The Takata airbag recall is a worldwide undertaking. Countries in tropical or subtropical regions of the world are at greater risk than those in the cooler north. The best way to describe the climate in the Philipines is hot humid and sticky, the perfect elements to cause a premature and deadly explosion of the Takata airbag. The Philipines government did not issue a motor vehicle recall until December 2017, less than one year ago, and when they did the recall was voluntary. The country has been relatively successful and Honda Cars Philipines Inc. (HCPI) reports that about one-half of the affected Honda vehicles have complied and had their vehicle's airbags replaced. Honda has been one of the more successful automakers in reaching their customers using methods such as direct mail, text messages, phone calls, as well as public service announcements on social media sites such as Facebook. The company has also sent representatives into shopping malls and supermarket parking lots armed with a smartphone app in order to record the license plate number of cars and immediately check if that vehicle is under recall. A flyer is left on the car alerting the owner of the dangers if the vehicle is under recall. The Takata airbag's propellant chemical, aluminum nitrate, degrades in conditions of high heat and humidity and can explode with unexpectedly great force, shattering the metal propellant canister sending shrapnel throughout the passenger cabin. Twenty-five people have been killed and hundreds seriously injured by the metal debris. Serious injuries include losing an eye and severe facial lacerations. You can have a look for yourself at the degree of the facial injuries by visiting the Daily Mail website.

Honda is leading the way for the entire auto industry in what has turned into the largest motor vehicle recall in world history affecting 50-75 million vehicles worldwide. That number is continuing to grow as last week Honda added 1.4 million more cars, SUVs and pickup trucks to the Takata airbag recall list that now includes luxury Honda Acuras. In the US the recall is being spaced out and emphasized in states like Florida and Louisiana and Georgia that have a hot, humid climate. In addition, Honda, which has a 77% replacement rate in the states says that they now have enough airbags in stock to replace the faulty ones.

Malaysia has a hot humid climate similar to the Philipines. Seven Malaysians have been killed by the exploding Takata airbag. According to US, "Honda said in a statement that the (7th) driver was killed when the 2004 Honda City car crashed on May 27 in Kuala Lumpur. It was the second death this year after a Malaysian driver died in a crash on New Year's Day, also in a 2004 Honda City car." Honda said that the recall notice failed to reach the current owner of the vehicle as only primary owners names and addresses are on file. Recall notices are mailed to the primary owner of the vehicle.

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No-Cost, No-Obligation Takata Airbag Lawsuit Case Review

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