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2018 and 2019 Hondas Are The Most At Risk For Airbag Theft

Owners of new, 2018 and 2019 Honda Acuras and Civics in South Florida will likely see their airbag stolen in 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - The Takata exploding airbag crisis is at its most acute stage in the hotter more humid climates such as South Florida where the majority of deaths and injuries have been reported. It is an established fact that high heat and humidity causes the propellant chemical in the Takata airbag to ignite more easily and explode with greater force than the manufacturer expected, shattering its metal container and sending the razor-sharp shrapnel throughout the vehicle's passenger cabin with the force of a hand grenade. More vehicles are being recalled in South Florida than any other location in the world and this has led to a dramatic increase in automobile airbag thefts to meet the demand from the auto industry to replace them. Takata airbag attorneys can advice in regards to the Takata exploding airbags lawsuit claims.

Last year, 2018, set records for automobile airbag theft as the increase in demand incentivized criminals to steal airbags from newer cars and trucks and sell them wholesale to unscrupulous airbag repair dealers. Newer 2018 Japanese vehicles like Toyota and Honda were the most likely to be vandalized as they contain the safe Takata alternative airbag. The Honda Civic is the model of vehicle most likely to be broken into, and all that is necessary to extract and steal the airbag is to pop the lock on the driver's side door and then cut open and then pry the airbag from the steering wheel. It is not even necessary to disable the car alarm as the whole process can take less than one minute. USA Today reports that the heavily-populated South Florida Miami-Dade area has seen the greatest increase in 2018 in airbag thefts increasing to 875 from only 199 the previous year.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, (NHTSA) reports that upwards of 50,000 airbags are stolen nationwide each year. In 2018, when the Takata airbag recall reached crisis levels, airbag theft increased four-fold to around 200,000 stolen units. That number is sure to skyrocket because the Takata airbag recall has expanded by millions of vehicles in 2019 as it is rolled out to include more years, makes, and models. Such demand is keeping smaller, private airbag replacement shops working 24/7 to meet the overflow demand from auto manufacturers and dealers. Since the demand for airbags has increased, so will airbag thefts of 2018 and 2019 vehicles.

The Takata airbag propellant chemical, ammonium nitrate becomes unstable when exposed to environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity and can, in 1/20th of a second send razor-sharp metal shards of the propellant canister throughout the passenger cabin. Twenty-five people have been killed worldwide and hundreds injured from seemingly routing airbag deployments. Innocent victims of the Takata airbag include innocent men, women, and children that have lost one or both eyes, had facial bones and teeth shattered, and suffered severe lacerations to the face and neck. Many have hired Takata airbag attorneys to explore filing a claim against Takata as well as the manufacturer of their automobile.

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No-Cost, No-Obligation Takata Airbag Lawsuit Case Review

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